Excellent news – Matthew Elson CEO, the whole SHE Software Team plus SHE Software Chairman and SUG member Martin Fincham; have been recognised for their excellent progress and ScaleUp performance by leading technology analysts TechMarketView

Credit and congratulations to the team. 

SHE Software landed £3M in ScaleUp growth funding in 2018 with the help of ScaleUp Group see http://www.scaleupgroup.co/scaleup-group-helps-scale-software-global-champion/ and http://www.scaleupgroup.co/software-scalesup-3m-deal/

Executive Director Paul Excell said “As part of the our unique ongoing commitment to our entrepreneurs/founders, ScaleUp Group members review performance at our quarterly reviews and seek ways to help accelerate growth by supporting the leadership team with global insights/expertise/experience from our over £4bn in successful exits.

Story via Techmarketview

SHE Software scaling up fast | TechMarketView https://www.techmarketview.com/ukhotviews/archive/2019/11/12/she-software-scaling-up-fast