Startup/Scaleup businesses are facing massive financial and people challenges caused by the COVID19 (CV19) economic downturn. As a result, companies* will be looking at innovative ways to manage cash, reduce their cost base (lengthen their runway), without damaging the business, customer success/experience plus be in a good place to grow fast in a post CV19 world.
Many ScaleUp Group members have successfully navigated their companies through previous business turnarounds and successfully returned them to growth; ultimately leading to £4bn+ in successful exits plus are managing companies/portfolios through the current CV19 crisis.
As SUG members are #EntrepreneursWithPurpose we are to keen to help UK Tech companies make it through the current downturn plus grow strongly afterwards so are offering to SUG CEOs free one hour CV19 business impact review.
The review is envisioned as a peer to peer dialogue between the ScaleUp CEO plus CFO, CRO, CTO and 3 ScaleUp Group members under the auspices of an NDA.
Based on the information provided before, during, after review it would typically be able to :-
  • Confirm all appropriate steps are being taken
  • Suggest some additional steps that could be considered
  • Recommend some additional steps that should be considered
  • Comment on readying the business for (post CV19) growth
  • Recommend technical specialists as appropriate .. legal, finance, HR
Overall help CEOs create the motivational ScaleUp story of …
.. how they sustained their business through the CV19 crisis and returned to strong growth.
SUG Impact Review Qualification Criteria*
▪️UK B2B technology businesses – SaaS is a particular expertise
▪️Are/were in a growth phase (typically 30%+)
▪️ARR of £1m (run-rate)
We know such businesses have particular challenges of looking ‘both ways at once’: backwards to clamp down on all costs (significant costs being labour related, having been hired and retained with great care) and forwards, to keep momentum in the market opportunity they have identified. Please note: start-ups are not our focus nor are multi-national, medium to large enterprises, which we would expect to have ready access to such expertise in-house or through their current advisers.
Next Steps 
If you are an interested in exploring this further then, please contact Paul Excell, COO, ScaleUp Group™️,