Trusted Advisor

The above Services are delivered by ourselves or via a select group of specialist Partners, such as Search Firms, Lawyers, Accountants and Financial Institutions, with whom we have had successful engagements previously.

ScaleUp’s goal is as a Trusted Advisor to ensure growing entrepreneurial technology businesses receive the right blend of advice and support appropriate at the various stages of their development and under a suitable commercial framework.

Our Services are tailored for Clients as:

  • Ad-hoc advice & Guidance
  • Project based
  • A fee-based Interim Director or a Non-Executive Director
  • Success based introductions for new Management hires, Funding Sources and prospective Resellers.

One of the above commercial arrangement, such as ad-hoc advice and guidance, may well transition into another, say as an interim or non-executive director role.

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We work as a united team to assist your company with all it needs to scale up and grow.