ScaleUp Group Ecosystem provides proactive COVID-19 (CV19) support

During these unexpected and unparalleled CV19 times, the ScaleUp Group ecosystem is seeking to help by proactively offering support to Tech companies, their customers, their people and the communities.  ScaleUp Group itself is offering Tech CEOs free CV19 Impact Reviews - see to help sustain, take opportunities and grow post CV19. ScaleUp Group clients have [...]

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ScaleUp Group offers Tech CEOs free CV19 Impact Reviews

Startup/Scaleup businesses are facing massive financial and people challenges caused by the COVID19 (CV19) economic downturn. As a result, companies* will be looking at innovative ways to manage cash, reduce their cost base (lengthen their runway), without damaging the business, customer success/experience plus be in a good place to grow fast in a post CV19 [...]

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Succeeding in a recession .. Insights from ScaleUp Group member Adam Hale

Leading entrepreneur #ScaleUp Champion and ScaleUp Group member Adam Hale has issued some key advice for ScaleUp Leaders facing the current COVID-19 crisis based on experience from successfully leading businesses through previous recessions. Highlights are 1. Be closer to your #customers: One ScaleUp CEO I work with did this and spoke to one of his biggest customers [...]

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Insights on COVID-19 impact from ScaleUp Group Investor Survey – March 2020

Summary: The ScaleUp Group™️ (COVID-19) ScaleUp Investor Survey reveals most early stage Funds are still investing in new opportunities but guardedly and 100% will look to back current portfolio too. Commenting on the poll  ScaleUp Group™️ founder and Executive Chair, John O’Connell said ... ”No doubt each reader will extract the conclusion which suits them best. [...]

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