Serial #entrepreneur, new ScaleUp Institute Chair and ScaleUp Group member Adam Hale has shared his experiences of leading and growing successful HRTech ScaleUp Fairsail in a series of “Lobster Tales”.
To find out why “The Lobster Tales” you need to read Adam’s truly illuminating articles of his ScaleUp Leadership journey – links below. Adam is continuing to Grow Global Champions by mentoring and advising leading ScaleUps – including ScaleUp Group clients.
“The Lobster tales” set out a framework of 5 foundations for every #ScaleUp which need to be delivered all well and concurrently. Adam’s view is that doing 3 or 4 well is not enough, the 5 #ScaleUp foundations ….
  1. Purpose – ‘What are you for?”
  2. Focus – “You don’t dominate a market by waiting for the phone to ring”
  3. Customer Success – “If customers aren’t successful what’s the point”
  4. Innovation & Solution – “Keep innovating all the time”
  5. Team – “Great businesses are made up of great people”

The structure of Lobster Tales is pretty much along this structure, each Tale has a link to the next. You could read from the first one ‘The End of the Beginning’.

Lobster Tales
Adam Hale | 28 Nov 2018